Welcome to my blog, please forgive the choppiness of it as I am organizing it to publish in a book.  I hope that something here will help you; and again please forgive the some what unorganized way this is put together, as it is important to get it all down on paper right now. Until I get get

Thanks for visiting and thank you for your support!  While I am still working on how my story will play in a book, I have broken it down into different portions, in case one arena speaks to you more than another.

Prelude:  My Story

Domestic Violence Story:

Sending out an SOS

 Courting Value

A Friend Makes The Call, Part 1

Chapter 4: A Friend Makes the Call, Part 2

Chapter 5: McMullen Booth and Drew

Chapter 6: Broke outside the Old Apartment

Chapter 7: Simply Broken

Chapter 9: The Beautiful Breakdown, Part 1

Chapter 10: The Beautiful Breakdown, Part 2

Chapter 11: The Pestilence of the Night

Chapter 12: Watson v Evil

Chapter 13: The Watson Pardon

Chapter 15: Broken Praise In the Storm

Chapter 17: Welcome to the Fall Out

Chapter 18: When the Sun Goes Down on Hope

Chapter 19: I Still Believe*

Chapter 21: All Things New

Chapter 24: I will Walk On

Chapter 31: The God Who Sees

Chapter 33: Letting Go

Chapter 35: You Make Me Brave

Chapter 34: I can’t Hear you

9 Years, 2 Months, 5 Days

Chapter 41: Dear John

Whiskey Lullaby

Dropping The Rock

BLOGs Out of Chronological Order, but related, and necessary to complete our mission of fighting domestic violence; stories written from now about then, as well as other life trauma’s that are connected.

Chapter- 8 Relapsing, Remitting, Reoccurring Pain.
Chapter 14: Heal the Wound, but leave the scar

Chapter-20-An Open Letter to Those Who Love Victims of Domestic Violence
Chapter-22-Broke Outside the old Apartment–a trenchmate’s perspective

Chapter-25-My 3 Dad’s
Chapter 26: Guard Your Heart

Chapter 28: I Just Want to Be Real

Chapter 29: The Problem With Forgiveness

Chapter 30: How I Left

Chapter 32–Taking Inventory

Chapter 36: Thankful

Chapter 37: Good Grief

Chapter 38: The Bench

Chapter 39: Key Value

Chapter 40: Who You say I am

Lisa Leaves

The Making of a Broken Wife

The Day I arrived at the Children’s Home.


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