I Did It Already

Just a little break from the story..:)  Not so much really. Recently ran across this, I wrote shortly after moving to Clearwater.  So happy that we are not alone in a world that separates us from people we love whether by death or demise of the relationship.

June 28, 2007

I spent an inorinate amount of time with my father. I would spend countless days hanging out with my father and I would do anything he asked me to do. I never wanted to be away from my father, I had witnessed my father do awesome things; some things that some children only dream of ever seeing. It was more than throwing a ball in the front yard or coming to a baseball game, I watched my father work miracles. It is true, most people think their father’s are the best, but I promise you, my father is the BEST.


I would do anything to please my father. So, on the dark day when all of heaven heard the betrayl and my father asked the unthinkable, I knew I had to do it; this one thing He was asking me to do He could not do himself but I could and I knew he had me earmarked for this very special mission. But this mission meant separation from my one and only father, my hero, my king and it meant that He would sacrifice His only son for the sins of the whole world. I didn’t think twice, I did what He wanted and I came into this world as a lowly baby, knowing full well that my 33 years on earth would be bad; but I had a job to do. But I was going to miss my dad.


Noone understands how I could be the son of God yet be fully human. I am not even sure I understood it at times. My father gave me full will, I could have said no at any time, but I knew that wasn’t my mission; it was not what my father wanted or needed me to do. He had created man-kind in His own image to glorify Him and somehow it got all messed up and my father could not look on the sins of the world, so He sent me.


I still remember the days as a lowly carpenter’s son, everyone knew I was different. I knew I was different, but I knew what was going to happen and all I wanted to do was to please my father; to complete His mission; because I loved Him and because I loved the world He sent me to save.


All of this doesn’t mean that separation from my father was easy. In fact, it was the hardest part of all of it. I worshipped my father, He is my king, my everything. I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without thinking of Him. When I healed people it reminded me of the powers that He gave me to do so. When I stood in the streets teaching it reminded me of all he had taught me. When I was betrayed by Peter and Judas it reminded me that he told me that would happen one day. When I was out on the water fishing with the disciples it reminded me of the day He created that very ocean. When I was in the garden, with the chance to go back, it reminded me of the day He created the beauty that was around me. When I found my followers sleeping in the garden it reminded me of the importance of my mission. When I asked for the cup to be passed away from me it reminded me that He had faith in me that I could, in fact, do this. And when the day came for me to die on the cross it reminded me of the day He created the tree they used take my life. When I uttered “my God, my God, why has thou forsaken me” it reminded me that he told me I would feel that way. Being fully God and fully man is hard to explain, but all 33 years on earth I just missed my dad. I was happy to complete the mission He created me to do, but the separation from my father was horrible. It never went away; always an empty place in my heart, only one that my father could fill. I completed my mission, I was faithful and I heard the words “this is my son with whom I am well-pleased”.


I think on those days sometimes and how horrible the separation was; but I think of all that was gained as a result of the separation from the love of my life; my heart-beat; my everything. I was allowed to go back with Him, but He allowed me to leave something very awesome for you, the Holy Spirit, which interceads for you, so I could stay up with my father.


So for all of you who have loved and/or lost, I know, I did it already. I know how everything reminds you of the person with whom you can’t be with, for whatever reason. I know the horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach that you feel like is never going to go away; I know because I have done it already. But know that I did leave the Holy Spirit for you to be with you so that you would never be alone. And when those things come along, and they always will that remind you of that person, we, all three of us, are there. We know. We have a plan; just like my father had a plan for our 33 years of separation we have a plan for you. We just need you to trust us. We need you to let us hang on to you, carry you when you can’t walk, wrap our loving arms around you, and fulfill our plan for your life. It is true, it hurts, but we have it.


You can not imagine this place now. It is like all your best friends, your family, people with whom you had to separate yourself from for other reasons, the ones that have found me, we are all here waiting for you. It is like the eternal family reunion where all you care about is my father. So separation is not forever. If the person with whom your separation has found me you have an eternity to spend with them, with none of the conflicting stuff you guys seemed to have created for yourselves. Free will, I told dad I wasn’t sure it was a great idea…


I did it already, I had my father’s help and I left help for you, it’s okay, I did it already.


Love Jesus




Written by Amy Watson


June 28, 2007



2 thoughts on “I Did It Already

  1. This is so true for those who believe and have accepted Christ as their Savior. Thank you for sharing this…..I am Linda Williams, a great friend of your friend, Mitzi Fader. I pray for you daily and I commend you the way you now share your experience with others. I admire you and the way you share Christ in your postings. He, alone, is worthy of our praise, and He does help us with our trials….he becomes our strength.. Blessings to you, Linda


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