Chapter 32: Taking Inventory


This blog will be uncharacteristically short, but it is one of those things I have to get off my head and onto paper.  This blog will not have the signature verbiage that many of you have so kindly described as “excellent writing”.  This blog, well this blog is to my people. You know who you are.  Whether you have walked this road with me for 8 years or 1 year, this is the time I say to you, two simple words.  Thank you.

I am not sure I remember a time where I felt more hope, more love or more purpose.  This time last year I was filling out more paperwork and going to court and a myriad of other issues that I seriously thought was going to be the knock out shot.  But yet, here we are. This post is written to those of you who love me.  Almost all of you have told me at one time or the other that some of the blogs are hard for you to read.  More than one of you has said “I wish I knew”.  This past year, writing through some of this stuff, you have made me feel like a rock star.  The compliments, while not deserved, sometimes have fueled me to keep writing.

It has not been easy.  Last year at this time I would have described myself as a “reluctant voice”–and now I am telling you I am stepping into the place where the Lord wants to use any part of my story–childhood, or adult traumas.  While I began writing as a rant, then it became about journaling then it became about helping people; and suddenly I realize that writing though this last year has been an amazing instrument of healing for me. You can hear it in my voice; you can see it in my eyes; you can see my signature smile, and you hear me laugh until I can’t breathe.  Well, at least that is what you would be observing if you were here with me.

For several months, there has been electricity in my soul, as I know that if I wasn’t chasing purpose; purpose was chasing me.  I am so honored to have been given some speaking opportunities; lots of email communication; lots of FB posts–all giving me the opportunity to stand in some gaps for people and love them as I have been loved so well.  I am absolutely speechless as I think about how loved and protected I am.  God is so, so good.  There really aren’t words for it, actually.

I just got back from a trip to see some long time friends, and it occurred to me on that trip, that I don’t need to wait until heaven to experience a little bit of it on this planet.  I do not know what is in store for me; but I know my life will not be defined by abuse or neglect.  It will be defined by a God Who never fails and a bunch of people He gave me who loved me through healing. So, for those of you who love me, this is my note to you saying I am doing so well.  I will always need to attend to a brain and soul scarred by PTSD, but these days I am having a blast learning new things; helping people; and did I mention being loved so incredibly well? I am stunned.

So, as I take inventory one year later, the healing is beyond my ability to understand.  Since I will continue to tell the story, you will read some other things that make you sad, but when that happens, come back here.  Hear me when I say how amazing I am doing with all of this.  We are at the point where it’s time to get my body to heal as well.  I am doing some pretty cool stuff to make that happen.  But my brain, my heart and my soul, while scarred, is in a continual state of healing; and from that comes restoration.

So, I leave you with this promise, and it is a promise and it is one that is happening even now. “I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter, my great army, which I sent among you.” Joel 2:25

Continue with me, those of you who love me, and remember the promise above IS HAPPENING.  He is restoring, and will continue to do so.  You have a front row seat. Look closely, there are no dark circles, no port for heart medications–just straight up happiness.  And for that I am so grateful.

I will need you all over the next few months as I try to complete this portion of my story and get it published.  So, keep the prayers and encouragement coming and when you read the hard stuff, remember the the Lord IS RESTORING what the locust came to destroy. And as for you, “I thank God for every remembrance of you”.

Here is just a small glimpse at my last year, people, places and straight up joy.

.10569023_10152185693672204_4014449067572492193_n 10365758_10152243160542204_3216815015404147274_n 10626165_10152250146292204_2485935212258286452_o 10678864_10152283622842204_6308059055789598264_n 62331_10151757551572204_1819077998_n 10603610_10152250162647204_1983624976608589592_n 997017_10152212223732204_8268395306074585168_n 10620011_10204380686299322_5115752266082086409_o 10271290_10152109937902204_2121314238646759442_o 10338335_10152096533472204_5935265189337280173_n 10628459_10152241806472204_140299717278524767_n 10690110_10152283766962204_2960331316021757526_n 58609_10151159757922204_1166489686_n 10495000_10152322125492204_8142103182354972902_o 10658926_10152322377042204_8025043061032185960_o 10603610_10152250162647204_1983624976608589592_n 1972459_10203283590674784_169467877_n 10269475_10152096550772204_8069003690516784356_n 10696403_10152279195637204_7242541035622312485_n 995276_10151814311542204_1002410086_n 10301053_10152096718077204_2660710518326538506_n 10521618_10152191698262204_7368574898663190105_n 1146599_10151956196117204_820826392_n 10425092_10152192525907204_8002224798042872415_n 1461857_10151769848342204_1619171625_n 10407010_10152110543447204_2834903102599755291_n 10423839_10152136272072204_8759220295983491999_n 1487355_10151819586462204_1437071714_n 10530674_10152147003867204_3197974813959914274_n 10678774_10152281250787204_6113180271100810747_n 65935_10152156188922204_7026800584113031329_n


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