Chapter 39: Key Value


It was cold on one November morning when my friend Cheryl picked me up for work.  It seemed as though he had not kept his end of the divorce so when I went to get in my car to go to work, it was gone.  I immediately knew why, he had not made the payments, which was another way to get to me from 300 miles away.  I texted Cheryl on my cell phone and asked if she would come by and get me for work.  I texted her on my old school electric blue flip phone with one hand and held the key to my Lexus in the other.  My hands were shaking so much that the key hit the ground and it sounded like a thunder storm in my head.  I removed the car key off of my key chain and hurled it across the parking lot.  I looked down at my key chain, one single key remained, a key to an apartment–I owned nothing, absolutely nothing.  I was without value.

My friends and church members stepped up for me for the rest of the school year, and I got to drive so many different cars over that summer.  I was probably in better shape than most of you.  But I still felt the pain of the lost car key and the only key that remained was something I didn’t own.  I felt like I was without value; I owned nothing except my relationship with Jesus; and even then I would have said from my head that He was enough, but I wanted more keys. Certainly they would make me feel valuable, right?  After all the people with a key chain full of keys are the important people, right?  When I left I had keys to 3 houses, two boats, 3 cars and the key to our office.  I left the keys on the kitchen counter when I left.  My key chain had been full, but yet there was never a change in my value perception.

As for the intangible keys to my heart and soul, I had given all of those away, or the had been taken from me.

My key budget operated in the red. I gave all I had for 35 years.  When I was a kid we moved around so much it was hard to remember which key worked where and if my mom had decided to change the locks.  I remember the padlocked door of our bedroom when my mom and step dad didn’t want us around. She still had the key to my heart as I loved her more than life itself.  My world was shattered when she left. It was on that day I changed the keys to my heart; as  I never wanted to feel that pain again.  A closed and locked door would protect me from pain.  But, in some ways it felt like I didn’t even have that key anyway.

If keys both tangible and intangible keys are a representative of how valuable you are, I was not very valuable for a long time.  And while I have a ridiculous habit of losing keys, I always find them–but some keys to my heart were taken, and I felt worthless because the keys were gone and I had no control on the locks.

When I gave a man the key to my heart I found out there were more chambers, more doors and more capacity to love.  Those secret dark chambers of my heart had  combination locks on the doors and took longer to give away, but it did.  I would soon find out that was a terrible decision and paid for it dearly as that was akin to giving a robber a key to your house. When he would grab his keys to go for a drive while he was drunk I got hit or the key would dig into my hand spilling blood down my arm.

What do our key chains say about us?  I admit it, I judge people with full key chains; they seem like they have greater value than I do.  But recently I began wondering, what does a full tangible key chain say about us?  Does it give us value because perhaps we are more important?  Conversely, what does an empty key chain say about us?

Nothing, that’s what.

“Padlocks to deadlocks, lockets to lockdown, skeletons to safe, turn in your lock and your key and lock songs to open a new combination”  Peter Kimpton

What is the purpose of the Key–the way, the truth, the life?  His purpose to to unlock the again dark chambers and remind me how precious I am to Him and that possessions on this earth fade way.

Do I feel valuable with 2 keys on my key chain and a surrendering heart to the Only one that matters?


Why is there no other key like mine?

“I was fearfully and wonderfully made” that’s why you are so valuable.

Not only does He have the master key, He is the Master.

As I watch everyday more progress on my house I get more and more excited.  I still only have 2 keys on my key chain, and you know what?  I am ok with that.  Because my value is not defined my material possessions nor will I permanently lock the parts of me that allow me to have healthy relationships.  I will trust the Key tender of my heart and soul.

Do keys define my value or importance on this earth?


Am I responsible to take care of the key to my heart and soul given to be by the Master?


I will live abundantly; love passionately and remember the Key will continue working on a heart with damaged and abandoned locks.

I am a little rusty as I have been on lock down for a long time for fear of getting hurt again by people or disappointed by God.  But to do anything less tells others that I am not valuable because of locked doors and lost keys.  I am valuable.  You are valuable.  As for the rest of the keys, surrender them to the counter and remember they do not dictate your value.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.”  Matthew 6:33