Media & Music

Like a song on one of the BLOGs?  Here is the place to find then. 🙂  Enjoy.


“Shane & Shane” Though you Slay me”  Featuring John Piper



“Storm” by Lifehouse (Album: Who We Are)

“Learning to Breathe” by Switchfoot (Album: Learning to Breathe)



“Broken” by Lifehouse (Album: Who We Are)

“Deeper Still” by Bebo Norman (Album 10,000 Days)


Chapter 8

“Worn” by 10th Avenue North (Album: The Struggle)


Chapter 9:

“Homesick by MercyMe” (Album: Undone)


Chapter 10:

“Where Joy and Sorrow Meet” by Avalon (Album: Stand)


Chapter 11:

“I Am” by Nicole Nordman (Woven & Spunn)


Chapter 12

“You Were There” by Avalon (Album: Creed)


Chapter 14:

“Heal the Wound” by Point of Grace (Album: How you Live)

Chapter 15, “Praise you In This Storm” Casting Crowns (Alum: Life Song)

Chapter 16, “Come to Jesus” Mindy Smith (Album: One Moment More)

Chapter 17, “Dare you to Move” Switchfoot (Album: The Beautiful Letdown)

Chapter 19, “I Still Believe” (Album: Unplugged)

Chapter 23: “What Love Really Means (Album: When I am with You)

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